Posted by: stopbungalowchaos | October 29, 2009

One Off Ireland – The True Extent of the Issue

The true extent of Irelands one-off housing issue is fully illustrated in this Map by the Environmental Protection Agency in Irelands Environment 2008. The Map shows new residential addresses registered in Ireland in just a two year period 2005-2007 and illustrates vividly that sustainable land use patterns in accordance with the Government policy including the National Spatial Stragey is not being achieved in practice. The massive proliferation of urban generated one-off rural housing (96,000 units granted planning permission between 2004 and 2008) undermines all attempts to efficiently deliver infrastructure and services together with imposing long-term economic, social and environmental costs on society.

Report by the EPA highlights the Irelands highly dispersed rural housing phenomenon as being one of the key challenges facing Ireland in achieving sustainable development and states:

‘…rural areas have experienced widespread construction of single rural dwellings and the suburbanisation of villages close to towns and cities. While guidelines for rural housing and best practiceperceived as being in conflict with the objectives of economic development, it should be noted that within the context of sustainable development, economic and social well-being is intrinsically linked with protecting the environment. The underlying principle of sustainable development is that the natural resources and environmental conditions fundamental to the economic and social well-being of future generations are not exhausted
or degraded, but enhanced and maintained.’


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